Top 3 Things to Do in Bangkok

What comes to your mind when someone tells you he is going to Bangkok? Most people will tell you that they only think of Bangkok as the best place to go for shopping. There are so many things you can do in Bangkok. But if you have never heard of Bangkok, I will help you know more about this city without moving from the comfort of your home. 

Bangkok is the capital city of Thailand. It started as a little trading town and port along the Chao Phraya River around 200 years past. Although this city has adapted to modern times, the glory and majesty of its celebrated past will never go away. There is still a spectacular palace and dazzling temples and they all have a narrative to share with you. If you are planning to visit Bangkok, we have a list of the things that you should do while there – read article on top tourist sites in bangkok

Visit the floating Market

This should be number on your list of the things you intend to do in Bangkok. One of the floating markets you should visit is Damnoen Saduak. It is the engineer of floating markets and it offers a genuine experience regardless of its more touristy setting. The floating markets will fascinate you with the dozens of timber rowboats that float by. Every boat is loaded to the edge with farm-fresh veggies, flowers, and fruits. 

The vendors at this float markets fill the vessels with charcoal grills, cauldrons, and they are standby to mix up a container of a yacht noddle or seafood jabs once requested. While the transactions here are more interested in tourists nowadays, these floating market vessels are still filled with veggies and ready-to-drink juice. If you wish to enjoy the setting minus bargaining the prices, consider resting in a directed boat trip of Damnoen Saduak business.

Tour the Grand Palace

Don’t leave Bangkok before you visit this palace. Among the best and famous tourist attractions in Bangkok, the grand palace beats them all. At some point in history, this palace was the home of the king and also the place where Thailand’s government held its work. If you are going to visit the palace, ensure you have lots of free time. The palace is more than 214,000 sq. meters you will have to cover.  

You also need to know that there are scammers here. Do not be lured to pay some cash while outside the palace, just pay the entry fee and that is when you are entering the palace.

East street meal

Before you leave this great town, ensure you get some street meal and eat. Most Thai people love eating a street meal rather than preparing it at home. This has in return increased the popularity of street food. Even on the busy streets, you will find food vendors who will sell you food when you need it. 


Visiting Bangkok is not all about shopping. It is about having an enjoyable time visiting the most famous places.